Kitchen Accessories

sushezi sushi bazooka easy tool device gadget perfect sushi

Sushi Bazooka

$20.00 CAD $13.00 CAD

Corkatoo Corkscrew

Corkatoo Corkscrew

$21.00 CAD $17.00 CAD

arthur egg cup knight with spoon soft boiled eggs white background

Arthur Egg Cup

$15.00 CAD

yolkpig pig egg separator white background side view

Yolkpig Egg Separator

$20.00 CAD $13.00 CAD

vodka bottle ice cubes tray mini

Vodka Bottle Ice Mold

$20.00 CAD $13.00 CAD

sugar bowl snow globe upside down

Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

$25.00 CAD $20.00 CAD

sinkfin sink cover food catcher shark silicone blue


$10.00 CAD

mushroom shroom tea towel different types of mushrooms

Shroom Tea Towel

$17.00 CAD

salad 2 go to go cup dressing compartment lid and spoon travel

Salad 2 Go Cup

$8.00 CAD